Take part in playtests. Whatever age you are. Whichever country you from.

Playing games?

Have you ever wanted to create a game of your dream?
Would you like your ideas to be implemented by game developer?

Let's go!
Participate in our to play newest games, that no one have ever played, share your ideas and gain nice prizes.

We need players of a various ages, there are no borders.
We need those, who play "3 in a row" 2 mins a day and those who spend 20 hours a week playing.

Privacy Only

We don't share your name, demography and contact information. It's for internal use only.

Play when you want

We are planning with you all game sessions, so you can playtest when it's OK for you. We don't take a lot of time.

We have a game for you

If you like playing puzzles, we will invite you for a puzzle game playtest. Only relevant genres.

Absolutely serious

You can't tell about the game to your friends, because we work under NDA, but you can tell that we are cool ;) 


Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you

+38 050 450 8844

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