Playtest alphabet

What is it playtest? What we are talking about all the time? It is the moment to tell you everything about or work. No secrets. No surprises. Just simple definitions - and you’re a playtest expert. Suppose, it’s easier to do in alphabet :)

Sense.Vision Alphabet

Alpha testing. It is the testing when the game or the app is mostly complete, but there can be some changes in design. Is usually performed in two stages - in-house and QA. Alpha-version of the app/game can be playtested as well.

Beta testing. It is the field testing - when the game or app is tested on players/customers. It discovers the issues that can appear from users’ perspective. Beta versions of the game are mostly playtested.

Control. That is what the gamer/customer will use to make some actions in your game/app. For example, keys, buttons on the screen/controller etc.

Data. Is set of quantitative and qualitative information. For playtests it is questionnaire answers, interviews, video- and audio records etc.

Expert interview. It is a private conversation with an expert in defined field about the product. Expert is becoming a hub of knowledge that can significantly save time, insures from a large number of known errors.

Focused interview. It is a method of qualitative research where respondents talk in a group about their experience with particular game/app/genre. Usually goes after or during game session.

Gameplay. It is gaming process from the user’s point of view.

Hardware. Or physical device. The game/app creates significantly different experience depending on device.

Interviewer. A person that interviews a respondent.

Joy. That is what your players must receive during the game session.

Killing feature. This is the feature that should be removed.

Monetization. It is the process of converting something in legal money. In the games, for example, it is buying extra gaming coins or purchasing a game itself.

NDA. Or Non Disclosure Agreement. It is a legal contract/document between two sides (usually - respondent and playtesting company) that signifies confidential relationships and conditions. Each respondent needs to sign an NDA, so that no information about the game could be spread before developer wants it.

Observation. It is the process when a supervisor/interviewer watches what the respondent does during the game session.

Playtest. It is a user test of the game. Helps developer see their game with “players’ eyes”.

Questionnaire. Written set of questions designed to collect specific information.

Retention rate. It is the percentage amount of users that came back to the game/app at the certain day.

Sample. It is a small amount of something. In playtest - it is amount of people that can represent game’s/app’s core target audience.

Target audience. Players for whose interest and monetization the game is designed.