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Playtests improve monetization. But it only depends on players, to buy or not to buy.

Watch how the player's perception is changing during the week, and receive your first results.


Players must not leave your game. If it happens, you really need to find your mistake. Playtest your game to turn your players back and find the new one.

Target Audience

Target audience

You need to know who is your player. What is he/she playing, what are the preferences, what is important. Do not know, where to start? Let's playtest your audiences to find a perfect one.

Net Promoter Score

Make your players to recommend your game and give you five stars in store.

Your game is cool, let the whole world know about it.

Net Promoter Score


Yes, your ideas can be playtested as well. If you are in doubts, to do this game or not, to make this update or leave your version alone - we can make the things clear.

Other tasks? Let's discuss!


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